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An erroneous entry in your credit report indicating that you have been mistakenly reported as deceased can become a serious impediment to your financial transactions and personal achievements. This mistake not only creates barriers to obtaining loans but also causes significant inconvenience, requiring immediate resolution.

Why Does This Happen?

Errors in credit reports can occur for many reasons, often related to human factors or technical failures, including data entry mistakes and incorrect information exchange between credit bureaus, leading to individuals being erroneously marked as deceased.

What Are the Consequences?

An erroneous entry in your credit report can lead to denial of loans and mortgages, freezing of bank accounts, and refusal of financial services for those wrongly marked as deceased.

Statistical Data

Percentage of Americans with errors20%
Average compensation amount$50,000
Percentage of successfully resolved cases85%
Average dispute resolution time4 months
Number of cases last year150

Successful Cases

  1. Anna B. faced an issue when her bank account was frozen due to an error in her credit report indicating her as deceased. We successfully contested this error and restored access to her finances within a month.
  2. Thomas M. was denied a mortgage loan due to a “deceased” status in his credit report. Our team not only corrected the error but also helped Thomas secure the desired mortgage.
  3. Lily C. discovered her credit report erroneously showed her as deceased, negatively affecting her credit history. After our intervention, the error was corrected, and her credit rating was restored.
  4. Marco S. encountered a denial for an auto loan due to an erroneous status in his credit report. We helped Marco not only correct the mistake but also secure compensation for the inconvenience.
  5. Julia W. lost the opportunity to obtain a credit card due to an erroneous designation in her credit report. Our team ensured the error was corrected and helped Julia improve her credit history.

How to Prove You Are Alive?

To correct an error in your credit report and prove that you are alive, you need to take the following steps:

  • Contact the credit bureau: Write an official statement about the presence of an error in your credit report, mentioning that an error was made mistakenly reported as deceased.
  • Identity verification: Provide documents confirming your identity and current status, especially if the report indicates how to prove you are not deceased.
    • Passport or driver’s license.
    • Birth certificate.
    • A letter from a doctor confirming that you are alive.

Why Should You Contact Us?

We offer a deep understanding of FCRA laws and a successful track record of working with credit reports, helping our clients restore their financial well-being without upfront fees for our services.


If you have encountered an erroneous death entry in your credit report, do not waste time. Contact us for professional assistance in restoring your credit history.

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