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35-year-old sales manager Jessica

“Many mistakes had left my credit history in appalling shape. The report misspelled my name and mixed together an address I had never resided at with the wrong information about my present address. Furthermore inaccurate were the dates of debt repayments and the display of closed accounts as active. These errors cost me a mortgage, which had a big impact on my future plans. On other loans, I had to pay greater interest rates and forfeited money on extra costs. My job suffered as well since I was unable to leverage my credit history to better working conditions. KFZ Law helped me get moral damage compensation by promptly recognizing my circumstances, fixing all of the mistakes. Their perseverance and professionalism preserved my creditworthiness.”

45-year-old Michael works in construction.

“It was a tremendous setback when I found mistakes on my credit report. I had long since paid off my outstanding utility bills, yet the report included inaccurate information about closed credit accounts. I couldn’t obtain a loan to purchase new work-related equipment because of these errors. I consequently lost multiple significant contracts since, without the required equipment, I was unable to finish the job on schedule. Additional expenses and losses resulted from my need to take out high-interest loans from private lenders. KFZ Law took up my matter right away, reported all of the mistakes to the credit bureaus, and filed complaints. Their work paid me back for moral harm and squandered chances. I appreciate their expertise and assistance much.”

29-year-old teacher Sarah

“It was quite startling to find mistakes on my credit record. The report featured wrong dates for my student loan repayments and debts on credit cards I had never opened. These mistakes hurt my career by keeping me from being able to obtain a loan for more study. I had to decline multiple employment offers as, without a loan, I could not finance the training. Missed chances and lower revenue followed from this. KFZ Law looked over my report very carefully, fixed all of the mistakes, and assisted me in being paid for chances missed and moral harm. Their assistance and professionalism gave me hope again for the future.”

52-year-old John, an entrepreneur

“Mistakes in my credit report severely damaged my company. Mixed files with information from another person, the report included inaccurate information regarding my credit line. These errors cost me multiple profitable contracts since they prevented me from obtaining a loan to grow my company. My expenses mounted, forcing me to lay off employees and give up on promising initiatives. My company was almost bankrupt eventually. I got expert advice when I called KFZ Law. The lawyers of the firm recognized my issue, reported it to the credit agencies, and fixed every mistake. Their work paid me back for moral harm and missed commercial prospects. I can carry on growing my company now that it is afloat again.”

40-year-old Emily, a nurse

“I was really concerned when I found mistakes in my credit report. My job history and my long-paid medical loan obligation were both inaccurately listed in the report. The living circumstances of my family were further worsened by these mistakes, which prohibited me from obtaining a loan for house renovations. Further financial losses resulted from my need to take out high-interest loans from private lenders. My colleague suggested that I get in touch with KFZ Law, and it was the perfect choice. The attorneys of the company went over my report very carefully, found every error, and complained to the credit agencies. My credit history was repaired, and I was paid back for the losses—which included missed chances to obtain loans at good terms. With confidence now, I can make future plans and take out loans for significant purchases.”

38-year-old Robert works as an IT specialist

“I never dreamed that I would have to deal with a credit bureau declaring myself dead—a circumstance that is so ridiculous and upsetting. When I sought for a mortgage to purchase a new house for my family, this horror started. I was shocked and incredulous when my credit report said I was dead, so my application was turned down. The credit bureau in charge of this horrible mistake was TransUnion.

On closer examination of my credit report, though, it was there, in bold print: “Deceased.” This mistake not only hampered my mortgage application but also set off a series of other problems.

Denied mortgage application was the most obvious and immediate effect. We were nearing completion on the mortgage and had already located our ideal house. Our process was totally stopped by this mistake, which left us feeling really stressed and let down.

Cancellations of Credit Cards: Not long after I realized the mistake, I started getting letters from my credit card companies saying that the report of my death was closing my accounts. This seriously jeopardized my ability to get financing.

Refinance of my auto loan to obtain a lower interest rate was underway when I was denied. Nevertheless, this mistake resulted in my application being rejected right away, which cost me the chance to avoid paying interest.

Frozen Bank Accounts: The banks got the bogus information that I had passed away, so several of my bank accounts were frozen. Unpaid invoices, bounced checks, and more fines and penalties followed from this.

Impact on the Mind and Spirit

Being pronounced dead while still living takes an unfathomable emotional toll. My identity seemed to have been taken and my life to have vanished. It was humiliating and draining to have to continuously explain this odd circumstance to friends, family, and financial institutions. My mental health suffered greatly from the tension and worry of always having to verify I was still alive.

Asking KFZ Law for Assistance

I became aware that I required expert legal assistance after attempting to settle the matter directly with TransUnion and running up unending bureaucratic red tape. Then I went to KFZ Law. Relief hit me the instant I called them. They listened sympathetically to my account and gave me their word that they would take care of things.

KFZ Law worked tirelessly to get my credit record fixed and to compensate me handsomely for the mental anguish, financial losses, and harm to my reputation. The reimbursement paid for the mistake, extra fees, legal expenses, and the cost of loans that were turned down.”