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Oliver Kedr

Age: 42
Position: Main Attorney at KFZ Law

J.D., Boston College Law School

B.A., Columbia University

Oliver Kedr has specialized for over 15 years in FCRA and resolving credit report errors.

Attorney Oliver Kedr has established a record of successful, rigorous legal representation of members of the Boston community. He is known for his strong work on behalf of landlords, developers, investors, and other real estate clients. He aggressively defends his clients against counterclaims, and is comfortable on both offense and defense.

Attorney Kedr established a solo practice known as KFZ Law in Allston, MA. Before going out on his own, Attorney Kedr defended the rights of poor and disadvantaged members of the community as a Graduate Fellow at the Boston College Legal Assistance Bureau (then located in Waltham, MA). A tireless litigator, he served as a counselor and advocate for families and individuals struggling to manage the everyday necessities of life. Attorney Kedr achieved successful resolutions in cases spanning a broad range of legal challenges, which were often closely intertwined with clients’ health and financial difficulties.

Attorney Kedr also worked for four years in the Political Section of the Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations, in New York.

Megan Moonstone

Age: 33
Position: Senior Attorney at KFZ Law

The Early Years and Education

Seattle, Washington is where Megan Moonstone was reared. She excelled intellectually and frequently participated in school debates, demonstrating from an early age a tremendous intellect and a strong feeling of fairness. Early on, her enthusiasm for the law was clear as she took part in legal-themed community service projects and mock trials.

Megan studied political science for her bachelor’s degree at the University of Washington, where she finished with honors. Her future in law was well-positioned by her extracurricular activities and academic accomplishments. Then Megan enrolled at Harvard Law School, one of the nation’s most esteemed legal schools. She was an editor for the Harvard Law Review and an involved participant in the Harvard Defenders program, which offered pro bono legal services to persons in need, when she was at Harvard.

Early Career and Legal Education

Megan further refined her legal skills at Harvard Law with a number of internships and clerkships. She gained practical expertise in both business and public interest law by interning with a number of prestigious law firms and nonprofits. Her commitment and outstanding work won her a place in the very prestigious Harvard Defenders program.

Among her noteworthy experiences during this time were:

  • Interning at famous legal firms and nonprofits
  • Editing for the Harvard Law Review
  • Engaging in the Harvard Defenders program and providing pro bono legal counsel

Professional Experience

After earning her J.D., Megan became an associate at KFZ Law. Early on at the company, she was known for her unwavering work ethic and dedication to getting her clients the best results possible. Her reputation for skillfully and sympathetically managing difficult matters—specializing in business law and intellectual property—grew fast.

Several prominent cases during her tenure at KFZ Law include a major intellectual property dispute involving a Fortune 500 corporation. Megan’s creative legal approaches and painstaking attention to detail were crucial in obtaining her client a historic win. She is well-known for her negotiating abilities outside of court as well, frequently obtaining advantageous agreements by alternative dispute resolution.

Megan specializes in the following:

  • Corporate Law
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Intellectual Property Litigation

Honors and Contributions

Widely acknowledged are Megan’s services to the legal profession. Among her many honors and features in legal journals is the American Bar Association’s Rising Star Award. She lectures at legal seminars and conferences on a regular basis and her knowledge and observations are much sought for.

Honors and Acknowledgment:

  • Reprinted in many legal periodicals
  • ABA Rising Star Award
  • Organizer of legal seminars and conferences

Interests & Personal Life

Megan travels extensively and takes pictures as an amateur outside of work. She likes to capture her experiences and trips with her camera and frequently exhibits her work in regional art shows. Megan volunteers at neighborhood animal shelters because she is likewise fervently committed to animal rights. Her hectic life helps her keep perspective and balance, therefore she also likes to practice yoga and read historical fiction.

Megan Moonstone is a living example of KFZ Law’s dedication to quality, honesty, and client-focused service as she keeps making major career advancements.